Congratulations to our head trainer Ivy Lai – New York Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion! 恭喜 Ivy Lai 贏得美國紐約 Coffee Fest 咖啡拉花公開比賽冠軍

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  • Ivy with the trophy
Congratulations to our head trainer  Ivy Lai for winning  the New York Coffee Fest Latte Art ChampionCoffeeFest Latte Art Championship Open is one of the biggest Latte Art competition in the world.  Ivy had been competing in the Latte Art world for a few years, and she had spent much time in preparation for this competition.  Coffee Fest Latte Art competition is different in their competition format where 2 person battle one on one vs each other and advance based on different criteria.  Ivy battled some heavy competition including the legendary Junichi Yamaguchi.   It was a very memorable Journey and Ivy will be heading 18 Grams in-house Training and hosting some Coffee Class in the near future.

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恭喜 Ivy Lai 首次贏得美國紐約 Coffee Fest  咖啡拉花公開比賽冠軍,為香港咖啡人爭光。Coffee Fest 拉花比賽方式同其他拉花比賽有少少分別是用上單對單(PK) 方式比賽。今次Ivy抽籤時居然要對上日本名咖啡師山口 淳一。幸好Ivy狀態不錯,憑佢嘅實力同運氣贏得比賽冠軍。Ivy 以後都會專注於18 Grams 做 in-house 員工培訓,同會舉辦多一些分享會同一些唔同程度嘅咖啡班,希望將精品咖啡普及化。


咖啡新潮 歎番杯Nitro Coffee by 太陽報

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多謝東方日報,同太陽報來做關於Nitro Coffee嘅訪問. 今次嘅報導有講多一些我地做咖啡背後嘅理念,希望大家可以了解深啲。旺角朗豪坊同西貢分店月底就來有得飲啦。到時香港,九龍同新界都有Nitrogen Coffee飲啦。
  Thanks for the interview from Oriental Daily and the-sun.On.CC. A great interview done on Nitrogen Coffee and a more thorough take on what each shop’s approach is. We are happy to let you know that our new MK Langham Shop and Sai Kung shop will start serving Nitrogen coffee by the end of the month. Hope you will enjoy nitrogen coffee in Kowloon and New Territories. Source
Nitrogen Coffee(with Banana Mocha Spirit)$98、Belgium Waffles $98 加$30可調入香甜的Banana Mocha Spirit及加上Cascara果乾,以品嘗另一番風味。下午茶配一個焦糖味濃的牛油窩夫及雲呢拿雪糕,大滿足!

10 Best Hipster Cafes in Hong Kong from Skyscanner

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Ok so it’s not the first time someone calls a Specialty Cafe a Hipster Cafe, but here is the list for the 10 Best in Hong Kong.  Kudos to Skyscanner for including us in the list, we are very excited to be recognized internationally.   However our branch mentioned here has moved to a new address on 12 Kwong Wa Street.  So please take note of them.  Due to the crazy economy in Hong Kong(or the world), unfortunately a few of the shops mentioned on this list has either moved or closed.  Kinda sad to see our whole industry being transformed.  For us, the outcome is to split our old Mong Kok store into 2 locations in Mong Kok,  one in Kwong Wa Street, and another in Langham place.  We will find ways to keep pouring high quality coffee in the Mong Kok area.