Cascara Tea(Coffee Cherry) is for Sale in all our stores.

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Starting today we are offering different Cascara Tea for sale.  Ask our baristas for any recommendations. Coffee Cherry Cascara Tea   Cascara is the dried cherries leftover in the process of extracting the coffee beans.  It is used to brew herbal tea which produce a pleasant cherry flavour tea.  The taste of the tea is very different from what coffee tastes like.  Please bear in mind that a moderate amount of caffine still resides in the cascara.  Do ask our baristas on the brewing formula for the tea.

An unexpected part 2 of our interview with

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18 Grams Alley Lighting

18 Grams Alley Lighting recently did an interview with us, and we were really honored to be included as one of the excellent cafes in Hong Kong.  What we didn’t know is that there is a part 2 to it.  Part 2 talked about the hardship of operators of cafes in Hong Kong, primarily due to the high rent of the city.  Hong Kong had recently opened the boarder to China and their investment opportunities.  As a result of that consumer spendings from China tourists in Hong Kong is getting a bit crazy.  Ultra Luxury items are selling like hot cakes.  All the world’s brand names flock to Hong Kong and fight of prime retail locations.  In general an average of 30% raise in rent per year is not unheard of.  Hong Kong Streets lead global retail rents rise.  And Small business off Hong Kong Streets. With the recent wave of new specialty cafes opening in Hong Kong, we have yet to made what the outcome will be for our City and our own cafes in 2 years time(usually the lease period nowadays).   Every 2 years is a cycle and these cycles are getting harder and harder.    

18 Grams Alley Sai Kung is now open for Coffee

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18 Grams Sai Kung Magazine
18 Grams Sai Kung Magazine
We are open for business in our new location Sai Kung.  We will try to bring you a lot more in this Cafe, we will have
  • More Coffee Beans selection
  • More Brewing Methods to choose
  • New food and dessert items
  • More Iced Dripped coffee choice available
  • A totally new design theme that is unlike any that we have seen
We hope you love our new Cafe and see you soon.  Enjoy!