Our new Times Square CitySuper Branch!

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A very dusty and messy corner hidden in times square. We will set it up and get ready to see everyone soon. No more delays! #Hkig #18grams十八克 #opensoon #setup#cleanup #delaynomore
18 Grams Citysuper Times Square - B2, Times Square, Causeway Bay

18 Grams Citysuper Times Square
– B2, Times Square, Causeway Bay

18 Grams KeepCup is here! Save our planet!

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18 Grams KeepCup is here! First local cafe branded KeepCup has arrived in Hong Kong!   One of the question we get asked the most is what is a KeepCup? KeepCup is a reusable takeaway Cup designed and made in Melbourne Australia. It is designed specifically for coffee Baristas. It is also an environmental friendly option for everyone who drinks lots of quality takeaway coffee. According to the KeepCup website, it is calculated that it takes 28 disposable cups and lids to make 1 small size KeepCup(which is the version we have). Make sure you bring your KeepCup for your coffee next time, the cup is designed such that coffee crema will not break if the coffee is made in the cup. The cup will also fit under most coffee machine. Also the coffee milk proportion indicator will ensure that the coffee is made to the right proportion. There are also labels on the back of the cup that allow our staff to mark your coffee specifications, results in a perfect cup of coffee made to your specification.   We try our best to do what’s the best for our planet. 18 Grams KeepCup in Causeway Bay   Here are some fun facts about the keepcup: Sustainability Journey As our business grows it is important to us that we remain mindful of our original goal, to reduce the widespread use of disposable cups. This involves product development and improving the sustainability of our organizational systems and processes. As any wise man or woman will tell you, it’s all about the journey. Here is ours… Facts about the KeepCup There is enough plastic in : 35 disposable cups and lids to make a large KeepCup. 32 disposable cups and lids to make a medium KeepCup. 28 disposable cups and lids to make a small KeepCup. 25 disposable cups and lids to make a XS KeepCup. The break even with disposable cups estimated to be as low as 15 uses over the life cycle of the KeepCup including cleaning. KeepCups have been tested to 1000 uses by our industrial designers Cobalt Niche. Low embodied energy in manufacturing process. Manufactured from single component materials to facilitate recycling and reuse. Since June 2009, KeepCup users have diverted an estimated 30000 tonnes of disposable cup waste from landfill, that’s about 2 billion disposable cups. KeepCup users have stopped 750,000 trees being felled for paper pulp. (January 2012). A KeepCup compared to a disposable paper cup (including coffee) sees a: 36-47% reduction in global warming, 64-85% reduction in water use, 91-92% reduction in landfill waste annually Facts about Disposable Cups International Paper estimates that annually in the United States over 58 billion disposable cups are discarded to landfill; that is, 158 disposable cups for every US inhabitant. Annually 500 billion disposable cups are manufactured around the world; that’s about 75 disposable cups for every single person on the planet. Half of the plastic used in the world today is for single use items. On average, each disposable cup contains 5% of the raw materials involved in the process of making and delivering it. The 500 billion disposable cups we manufacture annually placed end to end could circumnavigate the earth 100 times. 4 billion trees or 35% of the total trees chopped down are used in paper industries on every continent. 1 tonne of paper consumes 98 tonnes of resources in manufacture. Globally, we go through about 300 million tonnes of paper each year. Most paper is made from virgin pulp. Very little recycled paper is used to make disposable cups due to health risk and contamination concerns. Because most disposable cups are coated with polyethylene, both composting and recycling of disposable cups is not common. 71% of the worlds paper supply comes from diminishing forests, not tree farms or the recycling bin. Consumer rubbish has increased tenfold over the twentieth century, from 92 to 1242 pounds of product waste per person per year. This means we discard approximately 14.4 times our body weight in waste annually. Taiwan discards 1.5 billion disposable cups annually. Landfill issues have given rise to new rules for establishments to give discounts to all reusable cups. The Taiwanese government has forecast a 30% reduction of disposable cup use annually, or 450 million cups.

冠軍! Ed Lam奪得2011新天成Petroncini 杯咖啡烘焙大賽冠軍!

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2011 Champion Ed Lam

Congratulations Ed!

  恭喜Glory Coffee的咖啡豆烘焙師 – Ed Lam 於廣州參加「新天成Petroncini杯咖啡烘焙大賽 2011」奪得冠軍的寶座!非常感謝公司的同事們到廣州為他打氣,更感謝我家老闆們的支持! 18 Grams 的3 家分店的咖啡都是他的出品噢!
Congratulations to Ed Lam in getting first place in “STS Petroncini Cup Coffee Roasting Competition 2011” at Guangzhou today. We are very happy for him because he is the lead roaster responsible for all the coffee we are serving in all 3 locations of our 18 Grams.  Keep up the good work Ed!

18Grams advances to World Barista Championship 2012

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We actually did it! 18 Grams Barista Mr. Chan Chak Sum had won first place in the 2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship.  Congratulations to Mr. Sum Chan and  also congratulations to Ms. Yanbi Leung in gainning the 3rd runner up in the competition. A great effort of collaboration of all staff in Glory Coffee and 18 Grams, I can’t say enough how proud I am of our whole team.  Preparation is already underway for the World Barista Championship 2012 in Vienna.  We are officially sailing in uncharted waters!  We will do all we can to support Mr. Sum Chan in entering this contest,  this time it is the Hong Kong coffee industry’s reputation on the line, we won’t let you all down.  
2011 HKBC Champion & 2012 WBC Hong Kong Region Champion

2011 HKBC Champion & 2012 WBC Hong Kong Region Champion

  Lastly I want to congratulate all baristas attended and competed in this event and everyone who helped out.  The organizer of the event had done a marvelous job this year, we will definitely see everyone again in HKBC 2012! J.S.  

2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship semi-finals

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The Semi Final for The Hong Kong Barista Championship took place on 20-21st, August 2011 in the Kowloon Convention Centre located in Kowloon Bay.  What is so special about the event this year is that this is also the World Barista Championship(WBC) Hong Kong Regional Final.  The winner of the Hong Kong Barista Championship will represent Hong Kong as a Barista to compete with other Baristas from different parts of the world in the WBC 2012 in Vienna.  It is the first time this year Hong Kong was given a spot to compete with other baristas around the world,  it is a real honor to be a part of such event. The WBC championship consists of a session of 15 minute presentation.  In the 15 minutes presentation, each Barista would have to prepare three courses of espresso based drinks to the judges. The Barista then would be graded on procedures, consistency, cleanliness and other technical aspects.

Sum preparing signature drinks

  A lot of pressure is on the Barista as they practice day and night for the competition. Sum finished effortlessly serving his drinks to the judges at exactly 15 minutes.

Yanbi is making her preparation for the competition

Yanbi initially was a bit nervous, but she picked herself up and gave a solid performance. A job well done for both baristas from the preparation, great setup and excellent execution of the game plan.  Great job everyone!
Finalists for 2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship

Finalists for 2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship

  Congratulations to both Sum and Yanbi!  18 Grams was lucky enough to have both baristas gone through to the final stage.  Big thanks to the whole team behind 18Grams who has given support to gain this result, it is truly a great team effort and a true joy to see these 2 young guy and gal having their efforts paid out.  All the sleepless nights had paid out, great job guys! Good luck in the final round of the championship.