18 Grams on TVB Pearl Report!

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Pearl Report "Coffee Craze"

Pearl Report “Coffee Craze”

We are very honored to be interviewed by the Pearl Report.  Thanks Mr. Renato Reyes for coming by our cafe and coming by our Roasting facility to let us show our customers what we are really trying to do.  I hope this program can really give our customers a look at what we are really doing, how much effort we have really put into making that one simple cup of coffee.  For those who are from Hong Kong, you can watch the online episode at TVB my.tvb.com website, or you can click here.  http://mytv.tvb.com/news/pearlreport/196142  For international viewers, we will try to upload to youtube soon.  Thanks for the support and we are very excited to be interviewed and showed such length on the Pearl Report.