2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship semi-finals

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The Semi Final for The Hong Kong Barista Championship took place on 20-21st, August 2011 in the Kowloon Convention Centre located in Kowloon Bay.  What is so special about the event this year is that this is also the World Barista Championship(WBC) Hong Kong Regional Final.  The winner of the Hong Kong Barista Championship will represent Hong Kong as a Barista to compete with other Baristas from different parts of the world in the WBC 2012 in Vienna.  It is the first time this year Hong Kong was given a spot to compete with other baristas around the world,  it is a real honor to be a part of such event. The WBC championship consists of a session of 15 minute presentation.  In the 15 minutes presentation, each Barista would have to prepare three courses of espresso based drinks to the judges. The Barista then would be graded on procedures, consistency, cleanliness and other technical aspects.

Sum preparing signature drinks

  A lot of pressure is on the Barista as they practice day and night for the competition. Sum finished effortlessly serving his drinks to the judges at exactly 15 minutes.

Yanbi is making her preparation for the competition

Yanbi initially was a bit nervous, but she picked herself up and gave a solid performance. A job well done for both baristas from the preparation, great setup and excellent execution of the game plan.  Great job everyone!
Finalists for 2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship

Finalists for 2011 Hong Kong Barista Championship

  Congratulations to both Sum and Yanbi!  18 Grams was lucky enough to have both baristas gone through to the final stage.  Big thanks to the whole team behind 18Grams who has given support to gain this result, it is truly a great team effort and a true joy to see these 2 young guy and gal having their efforts paid out.  All the sleepless nights had paid out, great job guys! Good luck in the final round of the championship.