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  • Sheung Wan 1-3 Mercer Street 1-3號 孖沙街
18 Grams started as a small Premium espresso Bar in the corner of Cannon Street Causeway Bay.   Our aim is to bring premium local roast coffee to the Hong Kong community.    Great coffee doesn’t start at the cafe, it starts way up the chain from the farm level, where coffee is grown.  We source constantly from around the globe not only on good coffee, but also affordable and approachable coffee.  Once we get our hands on it, we roast it to perfection locally in Hong Kong.  We strive the keep the freshness of the coffee at its optimum.  And we train our staff viciously to ensure that the coffee is made properly and to your specification.  We hope our coffee can compliment with our ever changing gourmet all day menu.  I am sure you can find us easily in any of our 8 current locations in Hong Kong.   View 18 Grams Locations in Hong Kong in a larger map All our locations in Hong Kong.

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