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18 Grams Coffee

We source our coffee ethically from over thirty countries worldwide. We source from big farms, small farms, family own farms, famous farms, unique farms and many more. We frequently source and look for the perfect coffee beans for our customers. We ensure that each of the coffee beans that you received is roasted and handled with the greatest care. Here are a few tips to how to choose the perfect coffee beans  


The country of origin of the coffee beans usually governs the gene of the coffee beans you will see they produce. Some country might grow a certain family of coffee beans while another might be still under investigation on how many varieties it has. The readily availability of the natural resources such as water, temperature, altitude will also define how that country’s coffee bean will taste. Country is usually only used as a general rule of thumb to separate the different style of coffee beans.  


Each farm has different equipment, more resourceful farms would give more consistent quality in their coffee beans. Less resourceful farms can sometimes give out very nice coffee beans too. However, the equipment and resources the farm has usually will government how they process the coffee beans, thus gives a generalization of a country’s taste profile.    


Or the DNA of the coffee, we choose coffee based on the variety which traces back to one of the 2 biggest group of either arabica or robusta. 18Grams only uses the finest of the arabica species, even in our espresso house blend. We also try our best to look for some rare varieties that only exists or popularized recently because of our advance in biochemistry. We will continue to look for rare, exotic varieties and try to bring them to the Hong Kong coffee loving community.    

Roast level

Our espresso beans are roasted a touch darker because most people consume espresso with milk and sugar. We want our coffee taste to cut through the milk.  For our single origin coffee beans we try to keep it a bit lighter so that the natural sweetness, acidity will not be overpowered when consumed in a manual brew method. Please let our staff know what coffee equipment you have,or how you like to consume or make your coffee.  We can help you choose the perfect coffee beans.  

Processing methods

Coffee beans undergoes many different process before they reach the 18Grams coffee bag. And different processing technique would produce different taste. The 2 biggest categories are Natural and Washed. Given the same coffee bean(same country, farm, varieties), these 2 techniques would produce very different results. Natural process would give the bean more fruity flavours, while the washed would give it a cleaner taste and usually bring out more of the acidity in the beans.  

Single Origin vs. Blends

Blends are coffee beans that is a combination of different country’s coffee beans mixed together. The result is a more balanced coffee that is more suitable for different purposed, the most popular use for coffee blending is espresso milk based coffee.            

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