How do you make the best espresso

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How do you make the best espresso?

Single Origin Espresso

Espresso is a brewing method that requires time and experience to make a consistently good drink. A traditional Espresso is a coffee made with an espresso machine that is 30ml in volume and extracted around 30 seconds. Always make sure you invest in a decent espresso grinder, your coffee is only as good as your espresso grinder. This is the recommended espresso recipe 20grams of ground coffee try to use an 18 or 20 grams VST basket Brew time 25 seconds +- 5 seconds Water temperature 02C water pressure 7.5-9 bar Everything seems so easy, but the actual hardest part is adjusting the grind and adjusting this formula to extract the best espresso you can.   Remember to always freshly grind your coffee, distribute evenly the coffee within the coffee basket and Tamp down with around 10-15 kg of pressure. Tamp as evenly as possible, a tilted tamp would result in uneven extraction.   Also make sure you purchase coffee beans that you know when they are roasted.  Purchase from local coffee roasters and make sure they are consumed as quick as possible after the packet is opened. When you know how to properly make the espresso, the next step is making lattes or cappuccinos.