Single Origin Coffee Beans

Single Origin Coffee DSC07379b When we talk about Single Origin Coffee, we usually refer to high quality traceable coffee where we can identify the country, farm and also the varietal and processing method of the coffee bean.  When we talk about specialty coffee these are the minimum we have to know about a certain coffee.  At 18 Grams we strive to keep our coffee source from everywhere around the world.  Be it traditionally popular coffee places like Brazil or Columbia, to some new exotic coffee growing region or microlot farms.  We will also look for new processing methods, for example recently there is a growing interest in different kind of Honey process coffee, we will keep trying different ones.  Last but not least we will also look for new coffee varietals, for example there are different kinds of Geisha growing around the world, so we will also try sourcing these exotic coffee and we will make sure we keep looking for high quality sustainable coffee at 18 Grams.   1