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Wan Chai Coffee Roastery, Lab is now open.

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Our Wan Chai Coffee Roastery Lab is open for business. We are very glad to have this place now open. We will run many experiments in this new place. First a new machine from San Remo, the Opera. Designed by the now work Champion Sasa Setic and former UKBC Champion John Gordan. This machine can tune many aspects of the extraction parameter to your specification. Secondly we have many grinders in this shop, including Mythos One, K30 and EK43. We will experiment which can give the coffee the best extraction that we shot for. There’s also the coffee roaster being in this place running. Customers can see how we roast beans. And also we are the first cafe to sell Nitrogen Coffee. It’s like using a beer draft machine to serve nitrogen infused beer. Overall this place will be a serious coffee drinker’s playground.