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Happy 2017 and Our mission for 2017!

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1-3 Mercer street

Our new shop @ 1-3 Mercer street

We wish everyone a healthy and joyful 2017! The start of each year is always a good time to sit down and reflect on ourselves on the plan for this coming year. In 2017 we wish to keep sourcing and roasting some great coffee for our customers. In 2016 we had to close/move some of our shops due to the rent of our shops. The economy in Hong Kong is starting to become even more difficult for small businesses such as us, making us harder to focus on just making great coffee. Our new shop in Sheung Wan is shaping up nicely and we hope we can continue to serve great coffee in this new space, and hope we can conduct some long overdue coffee classes we promised long ago.   We are scheduled to open end of Jan 2017.  See you soon!

Address : 1-3 Mercer street Sheung Wan.

灣仔有個墨爾本 早餐Café 大熱氮咖啡by 飲食男女

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本地咖啡名店18Grams ,近日在灣仔開設 Coffee Roastery Lab。咖啡店分一、二樓。地鋪是長長的咖啡吧,樓上則主力用作烘焙咖啡及開設特別班之用。 
為何把店名改作Coffee Roastery Lab?翻看咖啡的款式便知一二,除大家認識的一般咖啡,還有現時在澳洲墨爾本初流行的氮咖啡Nitrogen Coffee(當地咖啡店喚作Nitro Cold Brew)。 
咖啡的原理就是把炒好的咖啡豆於低溫長時間釀製再過濾,置入咖啡Tap注入氮氣,令咖啡面層帶泡沬,口感較幼滑,也可中和一般Cold Brew 咖啡的酸性。客人更可選擇有酒版(加入調和威士忌 Blended Whisky)或無酒版。 
負責人有感外國咖啡店的食物水準日趨進步,故他們亦在食物方面下功夫。一系列All Day Breakfast 加入分子料理元素及變身成素菜版,就連甜品款式亦有Up Side Down版本的Apple Crumble。 
至於靈魂咖啡,這裏添置了意大利品牌 Sanremo Opera咖啡機,由來自澳洲、英國等咖啡專家、評審及技術人員硏發出來,設定的程式可穩定水温及控制咖啡萃取度,是本港暫時唯一引入的咖啡店,配搭咖啡店自家烘焙,不時轉款的咖啡豆,務必要抽時間光顧朝聖。 

班尼迪蛋配煙三文魚 $108 // 素食Scotch Egg $108 // 比利時窩夫配士多啤梨雪糕 $78 // Nitrogen Coffee $68 // Apple Crumble $48 


Coffee Roastery Lab
地址 / 灣仔莊士敦道10號地下 
電話 / 25205100
營業時間 / 星期一至日 8:30am-5:30pm Source 飲食男女

品味咖啡 灣仔專業Cafe冒起

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近一、兩年,高質Cafe開個不停。像最近就有兩間專業Cafe同樣選在灣仔開店,一間有世界級咖啡機助陣,一間則有冠軍級咖啡師加持,呷一口他們的出品,你就會明白,飲咖啡不再只為了提神,而是品味人生。文:Sabrina 圖:郭正珊、何健勇


佔地兩層的Coffee Roastery Lab,其實是著名咖啡店18Grams最新開設的咖啡實驗室。叫得做實驗室,當然少不了一系列專業的「實驗」工具,如虹吸咖啡壺、冰滴咖啡器具都一應俱全,不過最矚目的是專程從意大利訂造回來的Sanremo Opera雙頭咖啡機!這部索價十四萬港元的雙頭咖啡機,由2015年世界咖啡師大賽冠軍Sasa Sestic和英國咖啡師大賽冠軍John Gordon等全球十一名咖啡專家共同研發,最厲害之處在於運用了全新技術,令咖啡師能透過App便可輕易更改及計算咖啡萃取率,簡單點來說,就是有效令沖煮Espresso的過程變得更加穩定,不會時濃時淡。同時亦可更改萃取壓力調控,以凸顯不同單品咖啡豆的原有風味。好像店內會定期轉換House Blend和單品咖啡豆,如這天採訪,Single Origin 1+1 Set就用上盧旺達單品咖啡豆,透過預校好的特定咖啡萃取率,就可嚐到朱古力味較重,但又不會過份濃厚的Espresso;再試Cappuccino,感覺更為甜滑,點一Set就可一次過試到兩種不同質感。

        另外,店內更有特別的Nitrogen Coffee Cocktail,利用生啤機將氮氣打入二十至四十八小時低萃取咖啡中,即時添上綿密的奶泡,除了可嚐到用Rwanda和Guatemala等四種咖啡豆製成的House Blend滲出開心果及花香味道,若再加Whisky,兩者味道亦不會互搶,依然頗易入口。

Coffee Roastery Lab 


查詢:2520 5100

Source 頭條日報

Wan Chai Coffee Roastery, Lab is now open.

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  • Front sign
Our Wan Chai Coffee Roastery Lab is open for business. We are very glad to have this place now open. We will run many experiments in this new place. First a new machine from San Remo, the Opera. Designed by the now work Champion Sasa Setic and former UKBC Champion John Gordan. This machine can tune many aspects of the extraction parameter to your specification. Secondly we have many grinders in this shop, including Mythos One, K30 and EK43. We will experiment which can give the coffee the best extraction that we shot for. There’s also the coffee roaster being in this place running. Customers can see how we roast beans. And also we are the first cafe to sell Nitrogen Coffee. It’s like using a beer draft machine to serve nitrogen infused beer. Overall this place will be a serious coffee drinker’s playground.

Sheung Wan Cafe Bar and Restaurant Guide by

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It’s one thing to be happy when 18 Grams is mentioned on Coffee blogs.  It means that we are acknowledged by our industry colleague that our coffee is good.  It is another big confidence boost when we are mentioned in a guide for the city.  We are very excited to find out that 18 Grams is mentioned in the Sheung Wan Cafe, Bar and Restaurant guide by    It really shows that the effort we put in to make our coffee and food is noticed by someone.  Thanks for the mention again from thehkhub and we hope our customers will continue to enjoy our coffee and food in the future.  
Eat the Streets of Sheung Wan

Eat the Streets of Sheung Wan