The smallest 18 Grams is now open for business!

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18 Grams Tsim Sha Tsui is Now Open!  Come enjoy our competition blend Big Bad Wolf with one of our award winning Barista stationed in Tsim Sha Tsui.  This is a very tight spot, some even ask if we are trying to break the smallest cafe record in Hong Kong.  We will have 5 seats at the spot in the coming weeks.  Hopefully we can get to know and talk to each one of you when we serve your coffee. Note this is a coffee tasting counter, we will not have any food there.  You will understand why when you see it.
18 Grams TST

18 Grams Tsim Sha Tsui @ CitySuper

Gotta love this big Logo.   Caution: 18Grams is tucked within the supermarket section of CitySuper, you can find us by going to the wine section in CitySuper.  You won’t be able to find us in the HarbourCity directory.