2017 Mexico COE #3 available

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Mexico Cup of Excellence 2017 Rank #3

This is a very limited lot of coffee recently procured by 18 Grams, it is the very high ranking lot Cup of Excellence(COE) Mexico 2017 rank #3. This COE winning lot was produced by smallholder farmer members of Coordinadora de Productores de la Zona Centro del Estado de Veracruz(COORPROVER). Cup of Excellence is a very prestigious competition held in coffee producing country every year. Out of the thousands of coffee entered, only the top 10 will be auctioned online. Only the best coffee from each year will win. This is a very limited lot, make sure you come soon because we only secured a limited quality of this prized lot, try it while supplies last.

Producer Organisation: Smallholder members of COORPROVER

Varietal: Typica

Processing: Fully washed & dried on patios

Altitude: 1 500 + meters above sea level

Owner: Small holder farmers

Town: Huatusco


Average farm size: <3 hectares

Prizes: #3 Cup of Excellence, 2017

Typica has a very good complexity potential and is generally quite approachable, fairly sweet( but not as much as Bourbon), mild but interesting acidity ,and flavour notes vary quite a bit based on where it is grown. Typica and Bourbon usually produce the highest cup quality and complexity.

墨西哥卓越杯 2017 第3名

COE全名為Cup of Excellence,中文翻作卓越杯。每年在會員國中挑出數千支咖啡,經過國內的杯測評審挑選出一批優質的咖啡,被選中的咖啡再交由國際認可的杯測評審選出前10名。18Grams 今季有機會採購墨西哥 COE 卓越杯 2017年第3名的得獎咖啡 。Typica的品種通常都比較甜,有複雜的風味, 微量的果酸。COE卓越杯這種高質量低產量的咖啡實在很難有機會可以品嘗,一定要把握機會。

生產者 Smallholder members of COORPROVER 韋拉克魯斯州中心區生產者

咖啡品種 Typica

種植地區 瓦圖斯科,韋拉克魯斯州,墨西哥

海拔高度 1500M+

生豆處理 水洗 / 14-24小時發酵 棚架曬乾


Finca Ziska Panama receiving our Beer

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As a token of appreciation, we have sent some of our craft beer back to Finca Ziska Panama and they are loving it! A few months ago, we have partnered with a local craft beer brewer and we made some specialty beer with some high quality Panama specialty coffee. It’s always cool to be able to send our gratitude to the farmers who produced these wonderful coffee. Fruitbomb is one of our personal favorite and it seems our customers agree with us too. Thanks for the long hard work, we will treasure your effort and this connection. It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy these great coffee! Enjoy the beer we made with your coffee.

Our new coffee beer is here!

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Add Oil stout and Panama fruit bomb IPA

Add Oil stout and Panama fruit bomb IPA

Coffee beer anyone? We have collaborated with the ever talented Young Masters beer in making these babies. “Add oil” coffee beer stout and Panama Fruit bomb Coffee IPA. If you are every in Hong Kong, make sure you try them. They are in very limited supplies, so grab them while we still have them.

The art of roasting, and the importance of roasting locally.

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We are proud to be a local Hong Kong Coffee Roaster. And what that means for you is that you can taste better coffee. Coffee is not just a commodity, coffee is a plant. Most people compare coffee as a product on the shelf of supermarkets, and they do not truly see what this energizing product really is. Coffee was originally grown on trees and they take a berry form. The seeds inside is what is called the coffee seed, or the coffee bean. After the coffee picked and processed, it will end up in the green bean form, which in when we step in.
In 18 Grams we strive to roast our coffee bean to perfection, what that means is we will roast the coffee so that the true taste of the coffee will shine through. If the temperature control of the roasting wasn’t done properly, the rising temperature speed wasn’t controlled properly, or even the roasting time is too short or too long, the taste of the coffee bean either will not be fully developed, or the true taste will be buried by other unpleasant taste.
After they are roasted, another very important aspect is the extraction. Are the coffee being made with proper skills and the taste being tuned correctly? This is where our most extensive training for our staff comes into play. We spend a lot of effort and resources to train our staff, each of them can make the perfect cup of coffee for you. If you have any taste preference make sure you let our staff know, and we will for sure make your cup of coffee especially for you.

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